no one else has access to this.. just you..
MOTHER FUCKING COCK SUCKING BULLSHIT.. Internet explorer has fucked up on me 4 times for trying to send this e-mail. I don't even want to type it again.. Im going to forget parts to put back in...
But I will...
Talk to me, dont talk to me... WHATEVER
Ya best read the whole thing...

FACT: I will listen to any music I please, I do not need your permission and am not in need of your opinion on my choice of music. I dont presume to tell you what you can and can't listen to. Dont like it.. dont listen. Seems you only have a problem with female musicians.. take a note.. its the start of a trend here.. I will listen to metallica, rammstein, Stella or that lesbian band Tatu.. why? Cause I like thier music. I really dont care if you dont like it, I do. Tough. Did you happen to notice Stella is a 40 year old blonde? Not quite what I would call my 'type' thanks for jumping to conclusions from your paranoid dellusions.

FACT: I will watch any tv show or movie I please, again I do not need your permission and am not in need of your opinion on my choice of viewing.. dont like it.. dont watch.. but again.. seems you only havea problem with female actors.. Yep.. definatly a trend apearing here... I did watch The Core, ya know what? It was a pretty good movie.. There was a woman in it, just one. And She wasnt 'hot' so give it a rest.

FACT: I Will surf/browse/view any website I please. I did not search for porn sites before I got with you and I won't start now. I will wander the web any damn way I please. I could have gone to kazaa looking for Stella's new CD... but unlike you.. I dont pretend to be a phycic or a mind reader.. I still have no idea what the new album is called or what the names of the songs are..

FACT: I do not 'fantasize' about other women, while we are in bed or otherwise. I do not sit around and think.. ooooh I wana bang . Doesnt happen. I dont do it. I do not watch movies, listen to music or browse the web looking for images of women to 'fantasize' about.

FACT: YOU are the only person not happy you and YOU are the only person not happy with the way you look. You don't like how you look? Do something about it and stop your bitching.

FACT: You are not a super-model, you never will be, get over it. I'm not a super-model of a man, I'm fat and quite frankly not that good looking.. But I'm happy the way I am, I am content with myself. I am self confident enough in myself. I do not throw two year old tantrooms when I see a man (on tv or elsewhere) that looks better than I do. I don't care.. I do not want to look like him, I do not want to be him. I do not feel the need to attract every other female on the planet like the way you think you need to attract every other male on the plant.

FACT: Catwoman = Diana, from Gamer's World BBS from back in the day. She sent me that link more than a month ago, thats why I didnt remember it right away. She's a 50'ish year old lady who used to kick my ass at Doom II.

FACT: You will never control me, NEVER, not even a little bit. I dont know who you think you are.. but your not her. I will do as I please, when I please (within reason of course) You can whine and cry and throw your little tantroom all you want, I'll just do as I please anyway.

FACT: You are mental and you need professional help. Get it. Stop just talking about it and useing it as an excuse to treat me like shit whenever you feal like it.

FACT: I love you, I always have. I am IN love with you and will continue to be. I don't know what to say or do to make you believe me, but hey.. If you don;t believe me then leave me. I don;t know what else to tell you.. I'm not keeping you with me against your will.. Not happy with me.. leave..

FACT: You cant take these things I'v said to be true and self evident.. or you can go fuck yourself.. The choice is yours.. Im tired of being treated this way. This is fact, truth bluntly and directly as I can put it. Its how 'it is' , accept me for me or leave me. The choice is yours.

FACT: If you reply to this in a snotty or otherwise man-hating bull-dyke propagandist reading material way, I will stop readin imeadiatly and hit the delete buttin. Trust, I will not hesitate. I will not put up with the way you treat me any longer. If you can't respond in a civilized manner full of actual reasoning and logic and truth and not include your imaginary reality, then don't bother replying. If you need time to reply, so be it, I can wait.. but reply carefully because this is no laughing matter.. I WANT TO WORK THINGS OUT but if you don't.. then we got ALOT of problems ahead of us.

100X =*'s to your =*'r



PS. I'm still in love you....

PPS. I probably wont be on till late tomarrow. I am going to the doctor tomarrow because my tongue is infected something fierce. From takeing out my stud and puting it back in 10 times a day at work. I cant have it in at work and I dont want it to close.

PPPS. Im sorry if this letter is very blunt, its not my style to beat around the bush and you know that.